Sea of Change Voyage

This documentary was commissioned to serve a link between the founder of CiFli, Oliver Brennikmeyer, and his roots in Holland. Holland has a history of innovation and entrepreneurship, which they want to ingrain into the culture of CiFli.


The Netherlands 

Holland in many ways, has an entirely different culture and system then our own. They still have a constitutional monarchy which we learned about at the Soestdijk Palace. Which highlighted many of their contributions towards science and technology. Filling us in on their history of innovation. Their government system lends itself to having elements of both socialism and capitalism. However due to the culture of the people themselves we learned that the high taxes allow their civilization to thrive, with low poverty, homelessness, and crime rates. The high taxes means there are avenues to treat issues such as mental health, and drug abuse. Which allows the disenfranchised to feel a sense of responsibility to pick themselves up for the betterment of society. This system in a lot of ways wouldn’t fit with our culture back home. However they have made great strides towards treatment of mental health and subsequently homelessness.


Otherwise known as dementia village, as the name suggests this is a place for those with a degenerative brain disease. However it is unlike any other place in the world, in that the residents aren’t designated as patients and are allowed to move around freely. This approach to mental health is groundbreaking in many ways. 


Palace Soestdijk

The former home of the royal Dutch family, this residence is filled with lush gardens and cultural exhibits. This was our first stop in Holland, allowing us to get a glimpse into their society past and present. The royal family was kind enough to donate the palace to the public for their enjoyment. Now visitors and citizens alike can come see some of their history.

Red Light

The Red light district represents a culture shift from what we are used to in the United States. Here you can find prostitutes bathed in the iconic red lights, surrounding them are countless weed shops, CBD coffee shops, and sex stores. With all of the recreational activities listed above being taboo or jail for most in the U.S.A..


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